The Truth about our Salvation

You will not get to greatness without walking in truth. And the truth is that the church has used salvation as a certificate that guarantees an entrance into heaven. If you remain stagnant in your understanding about salvation, then you’ve limited the Christian experience. Salvation is a process of power and purpose. When God orchestrated our salvation he made us powerful. It is my hope that believers will shift their understanding of salvation.

What is your expectation for salvation? When God provides salvation he displays his power. Believers should go from the bottom to the top, success should be your portion, and righteousness evident. The things we need to be successful are locked within our salvation. Once you’ve received salvation there is no need for you to negotiate with oppression or sin. You’ve been made free in God. Free to walk in purpose and to prosper. Your life should change on earth and not just when you go to heaven. Salvation looks like a life free from oppression and full of power. Your salvation is tied to freedom, deliverance, and serving the Lord. Once salvation has entered into your life you are a new person walking in promise.

Salvation should resemble a transformed life where you move from a slave to royalty, an orphan child, to a son. Note, that this is not something that you can have, it is something that you should have and display here on earth. God deals with your oppressor and salvation is your freedom and the birthing of your greatness. Finally, salvation translates into power. Your salvation will give you the strength to defeat your enemies. You can conquer the impossible once salvation takes precedence in your life.

Scripture References: Acts 1:8, Luke 4:18-20, Mark 16:14-18, Exodus 8:21-23

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