Transformation through Faith

Transformation is becoming who God has created you to be.

As a church we experienced transformation both naturally and spiritually. If you can imagine, almost a year ago, our building had rain trickling in from the outside, if it was raining outside, it was raining in the church. Thus carpet bubbled up and the sanctuary left much to be desired. But, today, we’ve transformed. If you walked into our sanctuary there is no evidence of what it use to be, only the glory of transformation through faith. I’ve often told this story, and yet there’s more to it. I put a plan together and we now own the building. Not only do we own the building but the favor of God poured in and we were able to buy brand new carpet, chairs, and other essentials to make the transformation complete. This is only a natural example of how God can transform your life through faith. What you look like and sound like today can be totally different when God begins to transform your life.

As a believer, you have to go after the transformation. Faith gives you the power to formulate vision for your life. Faith is what you expect to see and your evidence of transformation. Ultimate change comes by faith and accepting the promises of God. Faith requires that you believe without seeing the provision. This should stir you up! You may not see how, when, or what will happen, or what it will look like, but you have faith that transformation will indeed occur.

Embracing the process of transformation means that it is your job to believe and God’s job to provide. You simply must be obedient and trust God. Therefore, respond in peace, operate in peace, when a crisis arises let peace govern your heart. Knowing that you trust God and that your life will transform through faith. The enemy of faith is doubt which simply creates fear and complacency. God has called us to be great and you must learn how to fight and conquer those internal distractions that wish to steal your destiny.

God is in the process of developing Kings and He is transforming you for His purpose. Pursue change and sustain it. Be driven by purpose but let it be bigger than your own individual life.

Scripture References: Romans 14:17, Luke 17:20-21, Exodus 3:7, Judges 3:1-2, Numbers 13:25

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