ManZone is our dynamic men’s ministry that was initially created to build stronger relationships within our local assembly, but has quickly become a beacon of light for men throughout the country.  For three consecutive years men of all ages, races, denominations and backgrounds have gathered together to fellowship, worship and lift the name of Jesus High! Through ManZone men have been encouraged to Arise and Build in their God-given areas of influence.  Men begin to understand the power and importance of allowing God to fully transform their lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. On last year, we focused on teaching men to take dominion in every area of their lives including family, relationships, profession, as fathers, sons, brothers, family members and friends.  Conclusively, ManZone was birthed to be a place where men can be trained, activated and transformed into mighty men of valor. A place of encouragement and support for men of all ages is the goal and outcome for men of all stages of life.

Kingdom-Minded Women of Purpose

Women are so important to the Body of Christ.  It is vital that women have a place at the table while being given opportunities for their voices to be heard and gifts to be utilized. Kingdom-Minded Women of Purpose Women’s Ministry was created for this purpose.  Our goal is to inspire women from all walks of life to embrace greatness.  This ministry promotes unity and harmony among women while creating a sense of family and sisterhood.  KMWOP is a safe place where ideas can be shared and dreams realized.  We desire to represent Godly women of character by demonstrating the model and image of Jesus Christ in all that we do. 

Worshipping Warriors

The dance ministry has blossomed as one of our most anointed and innovative ministries.  With flags, banners, billows, crowns, scepters and swords GLKM “Worshipping Warriors” help create a strong “Tabernacle of David” presence. With beautiful and colorful garments the dancers minister prophetically and originally while adding an angelic dimension to our praise, and worship through movement. 

Watchmen and Intercession

This ministry is for those that believe they are called to pray and intercede on behalf of the kingdom of God. With in the arsenal of any ministry should be the ability to pray. We pray for those within the Body of Christ.  We also pray for those who are not in the Body of Christ (yet). We instruct and train on the importance of prayer, how to pray and the power of prophetic intercession.  We activate the saints in prophetic intercession.  We mobilize those who lead the congregation in praying corporately. We believe prayer is critical in establishing, maintaining and fulfilling God’s eternal plan.  It is the place we are called to occupy.  Our goal is to raise up intercessors in this generation that will stand in the gap, between the porch and the altar, on behalf of the church and God’s people until we see his great hand move on behalf of prayers from the believers.

Youth Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to raise up the next generation of Kingdom believers; to release a wave of young and anointed Christian warriors into communities all over the world. Our desire is to help young men and women identify their gifting and anointing and to unlock their God-given potential that often lies dormant on the inside of them.

Kingdom Kidz

This ministry promotes fun while building Godly character and teaching children up to 12-year-olds the fundamental principles of the Kingdom.  We believe it is important to prepare the next generation to carry the torch.  This is accomplished by laying a solid foundation of biblical principles and truths.  If the children are truly our future we have a responsibility to train them up to be future ambassadors for Christ. We provide loving support to our children through activities, real discussions, and a fun snack.  Kingdom Kidz meet during adult service on Sunday morning service(s).